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Google Email Uploader uploads emails and contacts into your Google account
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Google Email Uploader is a program that uploads emails and contacts from the major email programs, like Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunder bird into your Google account. The utility reflects the structure of the original data, like the folder names and the sending and receiving dates. You can select which folder you want to upload while the installation is running. The program guides you step by step through the setup process, and there is always a message telling you what the system is doing.
The program uses an innovative storing structure, which you can use instead of the classical folder organization. This new structure is based on labels: every mail received or sent will have one, which improves the access and data handling. However, an email can have more than one label, increasing the possibilities of managing and filtering the messages.
Another important feature is that the program is licenced under Apache 2.0. As it is an open source software, if you have the required skills, you can modify the tool to satisfy your needs.

Guada Morán
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  • Step by step guided setup
  • Full customization setup possibilities
  • Open source


  • Only available in english
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